Last call for the course on text mining of next week

Last call for the 2-day course on Text Mining with R, held next week (08-09 October 2018) in Brussels, Belgium. Subscribe at

You'll learn during that course the following:

  • Cleaning of text data, regular expressions
  • String distances
  • Graphical displays of text data
  • Natural language processing: stemming, parts-of-speech tagging, tokenization, lemmatisation, dependency parsing, noun phrase detection and keyword extraction
  • Entity recognition & chunking using Conditional Random Fields
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Statistical topic detection modelling (latent dirichlet allocation)
  • Visualisation of correlations & topics
  • Automatic classification using predictive modelling based on text data
  • Word and Text embeddings
  • Document similarities & Text alignment

Training on Text Mining

Are you interested in how text mining techniques work, then you might be interested in the following data science courses that are held in the coming months.rtraining

  • 08-09/10/2018: Text mining with R. Brussels (Belgium). Subscribe at
  • 15-16/10/2018: Statistical machine learning with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 20-21/11/2018: Text mining with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 19-20/12/2018: Applied spatial modelling with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 21-22/02/2018: Advanced R programming. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 13-14/03/2018: Computer Vision with R and Python. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  •      15/03/2019: Image Recognition with R and Python: Subscribe here
  • 01-02/04/2019: Text Mining with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here