Use cases

BNOSAC is specialised in predictive data mining on huge databases to aid in better decision making. We adopt the newest statistical and technological innovations and apply it for business purposes. Our methodology is proven to be excellent by obtaining the second place at the Florida data mining competition.

activities standard data miningWe focus on the following domains:


  • Optimizing mailings and promotional campaigns by using recommender systems or collaborative filtering systems similar to Amazon or Netflix
  • Models to acquire new clients
  • Models to predict bad dept or to predict churn
  • Segmentation modelling to improve marketing response

Price settings

  • Models to improve product price settings
  • Measure the price elasticity of your clients
  • Measure the impact of promotional campaigns of competitors
  • Models to support setting up effective cross-selling actions
  • Model cannibalisation - make sure you don't compete against yourself
  • Web scraping of prices

Text Mining

  • Understanding customer / employee feedback
  • Mining call agent logs and IT support tickets
  • Text analytics on emails
  • Typical use cases are: Understanding issues, IT handling reduction time, Automated replies matching FAQ lists, Integrating into predictive models (churn / upsell), Better email redirections (process efficiency) & Automatic solving of client issues

Production & quality control

  • Models to identify causes of system breakdown
  • Predict productivity by using time series models
  • Statistical evaluation and optimisation of quality of product items
  • Improve by using fuzzy measurement technologies
  • Link quality to customer satisfaction and develop risk frameworks

architecture advanced analytics

Big Data Architectural setups including advanced analytics

  • Advise on the use of big data technologies
  • Advise on the use of R inside the organisation

Risk analysis

  • Identify most risky customers and calculate customer value
  • Advise on product portfolio

HR Analytics

  • Done in cooperation with the Belgium market leader iNostix (by Deloitte), contact us for more details
Automation & integration
  • We set up data marts for data mining purposes, automate the modelling + scoring and create easy to use interfaces.