Upcoming public courses on Text mining with R, Statistical machine learning with R, Applied Spatial Modelling with R, Advanced R programming, Computer Vision and Image Recognition

I'm happy to announce that the following list of courses for R users is ready to be booked. All courses are face-to-face courses held in Belgium.

  • 08-09/10/2018: Text mining with R. Brussels (Belgium). http://di-academy.com/bootcamp + send mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 15-16/10/2018: Statistical machine learning with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 20-21/11/2018: Text mining with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 19-20/12/2018: Applied spatial modelling with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 21-22/02/2018: Advanced R programming. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 13-14/03/2018: Computer Vision with R and Python. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  •      15/03/2019: Image Recognition with R and Python: Subscribe here
  • 01-02/04/2019: Text Mining with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here

For a list of all R courses which can be given in-house at your site, visit http://www.bnosac.be/index.php/training and get in touch to schedule the course.

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