Text Mining with R

Last week, we had a great course on Text Mining with R at the European Data Innovation Hub. For persons interested in text mining with R, another 1-day crash course is scheduled at the Leuven Statistics Research Center (Belgium) on November 17 (http://lstat.kuleuven.be/training/coursedescriptions/text-mining-with-r). The following elements are covered in the course.

  • Import of (structured) text data with focus on text encodings. Detection of language
  • Cleaning of text data, regular expressions
  • String distances
  • Graphical displays of text data
  • Natural language processing: stemming, parts-of-speech (POS) tagging, tokenization, lemmatisation, entity recognition
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Statistical topic detection modelling and visualisation (latent dirichlet allocation)
  • Automatic classification using predictive modelling based on text data


More information on the course & the registration: http://lstat.kuleuven.be/training/coursedescriptions/text-mining-with-r

If you are interested in applying Text Mining techniques on your data, get in touch: index.php/contact/get-in-touch