R courses

For persons interested in advancing their knowledge on R and data science with R, BNOSAC offers a range of courses for R users.
These cover courses on

  • R analytics (Statistical Machine Learning with R, Text mining with R, Applied Spatial modelling with R)
  • R programming (R for starters, Common data manipulation for R programmers, Reporting with R, Creating R packages and R repositories, Managing R processes, Using SVN/git with RStudio, Data connectivity using R, Integration of R into web applications)
  • Oracle R Enterprise

For more information, go to images/bnosac/bnosac_courses_r.pdf


UseRs interested in one of these courses can follow one of the scheduled courses listed below or request for hands-on training sessions at your site. The scheduled courses are given in Belgium.

Statistical courses in cooperation with LStat:

  • Statistical Machine Learning with R: 28/10/2015 & 29/10/2015
  • Text mining with R: 17/11/2015 (new)
  • Applied Spatial statistics with R: 13/04/2016 & 14/04/2016 (new)

Programming courses in cooperation with LStat:

  • Advanced R programming topics: 17/02/2016 & 18/02/2016
    which is a course containing common data manipulation for R programmers, reporting with R, creating R packages and repositories

1-week bootcamp on using R with Oracle R Enterprise, in cooperation with Tripwire Solutions. This includes:

  • R for starters: 08-12/06/2015
  • Common data manipulation for R programmers: 08-12/06/2015
  • ROracle and Oracle R Enterprise (ORE) - transparancy layer: 08-12/06/2015
  • Oracle R Enterprise - advanced data manipulation: 08-12/06/2015
  • Data mining models inside Oracle R Enterprise (ORE) and Oracle Data Mining (ODM): 08-12/06/2015


Make sure you register early for the Statistical courses offered jointly with LStat.
For the previous years the room on machine learning and advanced r programming was overbooked.
If there is a lot of interest in certain courses, an extra session can be set up.

Interested?, get into contact.